Allesverloren, situated on the south-eastern slopes of Kasteelberg near Riebeeck West, is in the Swartland Wine of Origin district, an area becoming increasingly renowned for the excellence of its reds.

The farm, which dates back to 1704, began producing wine exactly one century later. In 1872 Allesverloren was acquired by Daniel Francois Malan and it has remained in the Malan family for five generations. The present owner is Fanie Malan, whose son Danie is winemaker. He won the Diners Club Winemaker of the Year award in 1998 for his 1996 Shiraz.

Although the Swartland region is generally very dry, the situation of Allesverloren under the slopes of the Kasteelberg ensures that the estate is blessed with an average annual rainfall of 500 mm. Thanks to its unique climate and gravelly, moisture-retentive soils, Allesverloren’s reds are robust and big, with plenty of tannins to ensure the slow maturation that results in great wines. Over the years, these attributes have brought Allesverloren’s wines many accolades.

The Malans of Allesverloren have also been producing port for more than a hundred years.