St George’s Distillery

The St George’s Distillery is the home to The English Whisky Co. The beautiful distillery was designed and built by the Nelstrop family for the specific purpose of producing the very finest English MaltWhisky.

Why England and more specifically Why Roudham, Norfolk? Well there are only 2 main ingredients in whisky and they have them both. They have the purest, cleanest water in the Breckland aquifer deep beneath the distillery and Norfolk is one of the world’s premier barley growing regions.

The only other thing needed to create the very best malt whisky is oak casks. Only the very finest oak casks. Most of which are supplied from America, having first been used for the maturation of bourbon. They also mature in sherry casks, and various other wine casks.

The whisky really is batch made by hand with no computers, filled into casks and then left to sleep until they consider it perfect for bottling, by hand – one bottle at a time.